Dear friends,

We would like you and your colleagues invite you to a professional conference on the topic:

"Expected development industry of rail vehicles in the Czech Republic and in the world"

which will take place on 25. 4. 2017 in Brno, at the Holiday Inn

The main topics of the forum:

Trends in industry of rail vehicles the Czech Republic and in the world

Experiences and opinions of representatives industry of rail vehicles

Successful strategies of manufacturers and suppliers industry of rail vehicles

Innovation and new technologies in the field of rail transport

Use of modern technologies in the industry of rail vehicles

Support for investment, development and export of rail vehicles

The planned expansion of rail vehicles in the European and world cities

The cooperation of manufacturers, suppliers and supporting companies in industry of rail vehicles


The aim of the conference is to exchange experiences and opinions of representatives of manufacturers of rolling stock (trains, subway, trams) and their suppliers, manufacturers of parts, accessories, technologies and business representatives involved in the development of manufacturers of rail vehicles.

We believe that participation in the conference will be for you and your company benefit.

We are looking forward to your participation

With respect and wish you many successes


Petr Mandelík, Ph.D.


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